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Programs at NGPA

One key benefit for NGPA members is our robust network of programs and initiatives. As LGBT rights are expanded worldwide, these efforts are constantly changing to adapt to the needs of our members.

Advocacy Efforts

NGPA’s Advocacy Program is making a difference in the lives of pilots every day. From working to help pilots regain their medicals to combating discrimination, we’ve made a difference.
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Every pilot has people that they can thank for their support, inspiration, and help. Mentorship lets pilots take advantage of the vast pool of experience that volunteers have developed over thousands of hours of flying or years in the industry. With a member body as diverse and qualified as we have here at the NGPA, there is guidance available to someone at any stage of any type of involvement in aviation; flight training, career development, community activities… the potential is limitless.

Be a Pilot

The thrill of flying a plane is something that only a select few ever come to realize; at least, that’s what most people think. Truth be known, if you have enough coordination to drive a manual transmission car (stick shift), then you have enough coordination to fly a small plane. It’s easier than you think! The flexibility you’ll gain in your vacation or business travel schedule is substantial. Imagine flying to Provincetown on Cape Cod for the weekend, or visiting friends in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving. The ability to come and go as you please is a wonderful alternative to rush hour traffic on a weekend or holiday. Getting your initial pilot certificate is also your first step on the road to a professional pilot career.


The NGPA Education Fund (NGPA-EF) provides educational assistance in the form of scholarships to students pursuing aviation careers as professional pilots and who have demonstrated community involvement, including support of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual & transgender (LGBT) community.


We believe in that as women are a crucial piece of the NGPA equation. Keeping with tradition in the aviation world, our membership is made up of about nine percent women; however, this is a strong group of women that range from being the first female fighter pilots, to first all female airline crews at airlines, in addition to the many talents outside aviation that their spouses bring. Our NGPA women serve in many of our leadership roles to include the Board of Directors for both NGPA and NGPA Education Fund.

NGPA Trans

The NGPA is committed to advocacy, which includes providing a venue to our transgender members for networking. We want to build this network as much as possible so that transgender people who are looking for resources in the aviation industry have a place to turn.
As an NGPA member, you'll have access to information about trans medical issues, resources, confidential counseling services, legal help, our exclusive NGPA Transgender People Forum, and Homophobia/Transphobia incident reporting resources.

Volunteerism - You Can Help!

NGPA’s strength comes from the incredible people who make up the organization. As pilots and aviation enthusiasts helping each other, volunteering exemplifies the spirit of NGPA more than anything else. We can always use a hand and volunteering is a great way to meet people and make new friends.


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