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The cost of flight training is one of the most challenging barriers to entry for pilots with a tremendous amount of potential. Your donation makes a very real difference to these pilots by helping them become safer, more qualified members of the aviation community. All donations go directly to the NGPA Education Fund Scholarship Program and are awarded based on need and contribution to the LGBT community.

There are several ways for you to support the NGPA Education Fund Scholarship Program. NGPA hosts two silent and live auction events each year, the first at the Winter Warm-Up and the second at the Cape Cod Classic. Even if you aren’t sure you can make it, you can coordinate ahead of time to donate your item. You can easily give to start helping a student pursue their dreams today.

Have any cool vintage airplane or aviation stuff? Round-trip tickets to a vacation spot? Donate a week in your vacation home? We’ve seen it all! Help continue to make a difference in the lives of our student pilots by donating to our silent and live auctions.

Don’t have anything like that lying around? The NGPA Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so all gifts to the scholarship program are tax-deductible. The NGPA Education Fund has given away more than $240,000 since its inception and in 2016 we will be awarding up to $81,000! Be a part of history today and consider a gift to support the next student working toward their dream to be in the sky!


As of 2016, the NGPA Education Fund is proud to have given away over $275,000 in scholarships. 
The NGPA Education Fund (NGPA-EF) provides scholarships to aspiring aviators with the desire to enhance their flight education by pursuing advanced certificates and ratings beyond the private pilot certificate. The fund grants scholarships on an annual basis through an application and review process. The money going to these candidates is money that raise when you click the below.  

Thank you in advance for your donation. 
Please note: The NGPA Education Fund does not accept American Express.

Steven Moore Memorial Scholarship

Steven Moore was Executive Director of the NGPA and the NGPA Education Fund from 2012 to 2014. Steven brought forth leadership and vision for NGPA and laid the ground work for the success of what NGPA has become today. Steven demonstrated courage as an openly gay man and pilot, and embraced everyone for who they were. Steven was tragically taken in an airplane accident October 2014.

Many have indicated their wish to donate in memory of Steven Moore. He was passionate about the NGPA Education Fund and as such we have setup the ability to make donations to the NGPA Education Fund in memory and honor of Steven. To date, we have received over $50,000 in funds and pledged gifts for the Steven Moore Scholarship. 
Please note: The NGPA Education Fund Does not accept American Express.

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