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Why Should I Join?

NGPA isn’t just four letters: it’s the community, it’s the membership, and it’s YOU! Our membership ranges from college students to career pilots to retired professional pilots and members who simply just love airplanes and want to fly a Piper Cub around the patch. Where do you fall? We ALL love aviation, and we want you to join the safe place we call home, and our family.
NGPA advocates for the rights of all LGBT pilots, provides mentors for pilots, and supports students through scholarships. We also throw some of the best (and gayest!) aviation events ever! We are pilots, flight instructors, students, air traffic controllers, mechanics, spouses, and just about everyone in-between who really loves aviation.

Networking Opportunities

NGPA started helping pilots get jobs long before airlines and companies came to our recruiting event, the NGPA Industry Expo. This happened through pilot-to-pilot networking. However, networking doesn’t necessarily mean always looking for jobs; you may know someone who knows someone, you might find out about an opportunity to fly in someone’s airplane, or you may meet your soulmate. The dreams and opportunities within the NGPA are limitless, and there's no stopping you now!

Local Groups

NGPA hosts two flagship events every year. Throughout the year we stay in touch by promoting and sponsoring local NGPA chapter affiliates to encourage fellowship and networking. We have many established local groups already, and the number of local groups keeps growing. If you are interested in starting a local group, or joining a group already established, becoming an NGPA members allows you to reach out to that group today and attend the next gathering! You won’t regret it!

Member Benefits and Discounts

With over 3,500 members on the roster, one the biggest benefits of joining the Association is the camaraderie our members enjoy, from belonging to an organization of LGBT aviators to networking with aviation enthusiasts. Whether that camaraderie is generated by attending one of the many events, communicating online, or reading the latest Association magazine, it’s the fellowship of our members that strikes a consistent, rewarding chord

Don't Take our Word For It

NGPA members provide the best testimonials about the meaning and value of membership. Here's what a few of our members have to say:
"I joined NGPA several years ago, but I only recently started attending its events. Now I realize why this organization is growing and has such a close-knit group of members. The people in this organization are what make it great and I have made and continue to make lifelong friendships with other members. We share several common bonds and our passion for aviation is just the start.”
  - Nick Robertson, Pilot - ExpressJet Airlines
    New York, NY

"NGPA is my 'tribe.' What I love is being with people who are as passionate about aviation as I am, who look up when a plane flies over, and who also happen to be gay or lesbian. I love having a network of brothers and sisters who share this common bond, and I love sharing seaplane flying with them! My wife and I feel very much at home in NGPA. And, the parties are fabulous."
  - Kit Warfield - Pilot and CFI, Seattle Seaplanes
    Seattle, WA

“What I love most about being a member of NGPA are the friendships that I have made with other LGBT aviation professionals throughout the years. For me, it is exciting to watch our younger NGPA aviators progress in their careers. I am also very proud of the NGPA Education Fund scholarship program that is offered every year to students to help further their aviation training.”
  - Sean Cooper and Mike Church - Pilots, Southwest Airlines
    Dallas, TX


"For Tom and me, meeting members with whom we can share our passion for general aviation is what NGPA is all about. We have met members from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and even as far away as Dubai. With our NGPA friends we have flown charity missions (including Angel Flight, LIGA, Medicine for Mali), I have conducted flying lessons (introductory flights, instrument training, and even TBM850 type ratings), and we have enjoyed many international vacations (Greece, Africa, Iceland). Next, we will be flying with another NGPA couple to Dubai and India! These flying adventures with lifelong friends would not have happened if NGPA did not exist.”
  - Mel Rushton, Retired IT Consultant & CFI; Tom Polgreen, Retired Semiconductor Designer
    Vancouver, BC and Dallas, TX

"Sometimes it can be difficult to be a minority, especially an invisible minority. With NGPA, the energy is positive and the organization truly makes you feel like you are not alone! There’s lots of great information out there, topped only by the fantastic events and amazing people I have gotten to meet. Thanks, NGPA!"
  - Gina Martyn - Pilot Southwest Airlines
    Boulder, CO

"I joined NGPA at the young age of 20 in 2007. Not knowing what to expect, I made the journey for my first event from Washington D.C. to Palm Springs. Over the past seven years, I have made lifetime friends and mentors who have helped me develop and reach my goals to become a successful aviator, friend, and boyfriend to my partner, Brandon. We enjoy attending events together and traveling to visit NGPA friends across the globe. It has also been a privilege giving back to the organization by serving on the Board of Directors and as Executive Director. I look forward to the challenges and rewards ahead as we continue to improve and grow. NGPA is not only a professional organization, it is my global family."
 - David Pettet - Pilot, Hawaiian Airlines
   Honolulu, HI
"As a transgender pilot, I lived in fear of the 'unknown' prior to my transition. The aviation field is predominantly male. Very few are women, and even fewer are transgender. The thought of coming out was daunting! How would I be treated? Would I be accepted? How would I be perceived? Would I lose my license?

Questions like these constantly played over in my head. Gender dyshphoria is nothing more than a birth defect. Unfortunately, many outside the medical community who specialize in this field fail to understand it. After much prayer, thought, and counsel, I took a leap of faith not knowing the outcome to any of those questions. Four years later, I made it! And what a ride!

The easy thing to do would have been to blend in and move on. When NGPA asked to do a story on me, I initially wanted to do just that: blend in and move on. However, those memories of my early fear came back to haunt me. If I could be a role model, and give others hope, then it would be worth the loss of anonymity to come forward and share my story."
 - Kelly Lepley - Pilot, UPS
   Anchorage, AK

"I joined NGPA nearly 15 years ago, influenced by some local members in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. My partner and I have had a blast attending NGPA events around the country over the years, and for me, making some great aviation connections with people I talk to on a daily basis.  Just when you think you've met someone from every type of aviation discipline, you meet another person with a different experience or ambition.  NGPA is a great network because of these diverse industry backgrounds."
 - John Rosa - Pilot, KaiserAir, Inc.
   Walnut Creek, CA
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