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You Can Help!

NGPA’s strength comes from the incredible people who make up the organization. As pilots and aviation enthusiasts helping each other, volunteering exemplifies the spirit of NGPA more than anything else. We can always use a hand and volunteering is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Each and every one of us has strengths and skills that are different from those of the next person. If you don’t think you have something to offer, you’re wrong. There will ALWAYS be something you can do to help and we want you on our team. There are many moving parts to this organization and it takes people—volunteers like you—to keep the parts moving.

If you would like to help out, please let us know! Someone will be in contact with you shortly to get you started!
Advocacy Committee
Join the advocacy committee and help our NGPA members when they need help. NGPA is the leading organization for the LGBT aviation community and the advocacy committee is very rewarding place to serve NGPA. Contact:

Development Committee
Want to get your hands dirty and see what makes NGPA tick? The Development Committee serves multiple purposes to include understanding what members want. They work with leadership and other committees to implement changes and improvements within the organization. You also get to come up with really cool ideas for fundraising! Contact:

Events Committee | On-Site Event Management
Love our events? It takes a lot of people chipping in to help! Work with our team on our flagship events around the U.S. with our event planning and on-site management. It is a great way to meet more NGPA members. Contact:
Membership Committee
Good with people? Customer service? How about thinking of ways to get more people to join our NGPA family? This is the place for you! Help us respond to our members when they have questions, and come up with great ideas for membership drives. Contact:

Mentorship Committee
Love helping guide people through their careers? Join our mentorship committee and be paired up with someone that you can help along through his or her career of life! Contact:

Scholarship Committee
Ever wonder the process of our scholarship selection committee? It is a great group of people dedicated to a fair and equal process for our scholarship applicants. NGPA and the NGPA Education Fund are giving away record amounts and we need to tell the world. Help out on our marketing committee! Contact:

Navegaytor: Writing/Editing/Production | Contrails: Writing/Editing/Production
Assisting the Executive Director


Have a background in marketing? NGPA has so much to offer and we need creative minds to help us continue to spread our mission and purpose to the aviation LGBT community. Contact:

Other/I want to help wherever I'm needed

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