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Our Story

Times have changed since the inception of the NGPA in 1990. Starting with a couple people in a small town in Key West, Fla. and Provincetown, Mass., closeted airline, military, and aviation enthusiasts gathered on a first name basis, using only shirts with airplanes on them to identify each other.

That small group has grown into over 4,000 members, made up of all types of aviators that call NGPA a safe place, a home, and a family.

NGPA has achieved many milestones throughout its history from facing discrimination against ad placements in flying publications, to fighting homophobic and transphobic situations in the workplace. We have gone from the fear of losing flying jobs in the military and airlines to the NGPA hosting one of the largest aviation recruiting expos in the U.S., the NGPA Industry Expo.
While things are improving, there is much work to be done! Our hope is someday our advocacy committee will be bored. We hope being LGBT, and the days of discrimination in the world against our community, comes to a halt. We love airplanes, jet fuel, and airports; who we are and who we love doesn’t effect that.
NGPA always wants to help aspiring aviators so that we may share our love for flying with others. Through scholarships funded by our membership, and more recently named airline scholarships, the NGPA will be helping support the most students in our history with up to $81,000 in scholarships awarded, which includes our first B737 type rating

The NGPA mission statement is to build, support, and unite the LGBT aviation community worldwide.

Through education, outreach programs, and social events, we promote our primary organizational goals:

     • to encourage members of the LGBT community to begin piloting careers,
     • to foster equal treatment of LGBT aviators through advocacy and outreach,
     • to promote aviation safety, and
     • to provide an affirming social and professional network for LGBT aviators.
These important and simple goals for the NGPA continue to speak volume to the world, and that is our mission. The NGPA isn’t just limited to North America. What we can provide is worldwide, and with your support and involvement, you can be a part of our history as we embark in making a difference for the LGBT aviation community.

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