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Remembering Steven Moore

Steven Moore was Executive Director of the NGPA and NGPA Education Fund from 2012 to 2014. He brought forth leadership and vision for the NGPA and laid the ground work for the success of what NGPA has become today. Steven demonstrated courage as an openly gay man and pilot, and embraced everyone for who they were. Steven was tragically taken from us in an airplane accident October 2014.

Steven Moore Memorial Services

Memorial services for Steven Moore were held on Nov. 9, 2014 in Chicago, Ill. A special lantern lighting ceremony was held afterward on Lakeshore Drive.

A Message From David Pettet

October 29, 2014

Today, as I write on this solemn occasion, above all, I give honor to whom honor is due. To that end I am most grateful for the gracious outpouring of compassion and support from every corner of the globe from our members. Steven's family and Nate, his fiancée, are astounded by our love and support for him. Your tribute thus far has been absolutely amazing -- thank you!

The NGPA Board has been in close touch with Nate as well as Steven's family regarding the details of the service. As of right now those arrangements are still being decided. As soon as the details are known we will share with all of you.

Many of you expressed the desire to honor Steven through various means such as a scholarship, endowment fund, etc. Please trust that your Board of Directors are working on this and will share details in due time. For now, our immediate focus will be on supporting our members and Steven's friends and family. Fortunately, the NGPA has several members that have expertise to support us during this difficult time and a short write-up below has been provided for everyone's benefit. Please take a moment to read it, and if you need to reach out, please do no hesitate to contact any of those listed below.

There is no doubt in my mind when we gather to remember Steven it will be one of our most emotional days together. Now, more than ever, our solidarity will be our strength! Steven would want us to celebrate his life and the memories we share, but also keep NGPA moving forward! We shared many similar visions and passions for the organization, which will help carry his legacy throughout NGPA for years to come. Steven did a remarkable job leading the organization the past several years, and his energy and passion for NGPA needs to live on through all of us. NGPA changed Steven's life, just as much as he changed ours. He would want all of us to continue our efforts to make the NGPA a better, bigger voice than ever before. As we continue our flights, remember Steven will always be with us.

David Pettet

Steven Moore Memorial Scholarship

Many have indicated their wish to donate in memory of Steven Moore. Steven Moore was passionate about the NGPA Education Fund and as such we have setup the ability to make donations to the NGPA Education Fund in memory and honor of Steven. To date, we have received over $50,000 in funds and pledged gifts for the Steven Moore Scholarship.
Please note: The NGPA Education Fund does not accept American Express.

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